Jargeau Tour 2024

The Corsham Windband Association has been invited to give a series of concerts in Corsham's twin town of Jargeau, near Orléans in France, during the February half-term holiday 2024.


Jargeau Town Hall


11 February : 6 am : Departure from Corsham

11 February : 9 pm : Arrival at Youth Hostel

12 - 15 February : 3 performances and visits to châteaux and historic tours

16 February : 8 am : Departure from Youth Hostel

16 February : 9 pm : Arrival in Corsham

Where is Jargeau?

Jargeau is a small town in the Loire Valley in France just East of Orléans in the "département" of the Loiret and about 130 kilometres south of Paris. It is located directly on the south banks of the Loire.