Strasbourg Tour February half-term 2023

In February 2023, the Corsham Windband Association were hosted by
Orchestre d'Harmonie de Schiltigheim, one of 300 wind bands who meet regularly in the stunning Alsace Region of France.

This was our first tour since the pandemic, given the inevitable impact we invited past and family members to join us, the age range of our performers was 3 to 75 years old, with two families represented by three generations of musicians – the majority of players remained 8 – 18 years old.


Our Repertoire

Corsham Windband Association
Highlights from Frozen arr Sean O’Loughlin
Beauty and The Beast arr Paul Lavender
Selections from Mary Poppins arr Ted Ricketts
The Beatles Love arr Jay Bocock
You Raise Me Up arr Michael Brown
Titanic arr Calvin Custer
Can’t Help Falling in Love arr James Swearingen
Soloist: Sam Bernaldt-Ross

Skyfall arr Jay Bocook
Wellerman arr Johnnie Vinsen

Joint Items with Orchestre d'Harmonie de Schiltigheim

West Side Story Arr Michael Sweeney
The Bare Necessities Arr Paul Martha

We are grateful for the hospitality and use of percussion instruments and music stands provided by Orchestre d'Harmonie de Schiltigheim, coordinated by CWA founding member, Peter Feltham who has lived in Strasbourg since 1989. Thanks also to CWA parents and friends who assisted with concert, meal and supervision duties on the tour.

Finally, CWA would like to thank Barnes Coaches for the superb travel arrangements, Ciarus Youth Hostel (Strasbourg) and our sponsors who continue to support CWA activities.


Performance in Reichstett - Tuesday 14 February

The Corsham Windband Association and the Orchestre d'Harmonie de Schiltigheim performed a joint concert to an audience of 300. This concert was organised by the Town of Reichstett.
Local press reported: ‘’ As part of the "Reichstett mon amour" Festival, the town council organised a great Valentine's Day concert on Tuesday in the village hall with two very talented wind bands.  The large and mostly young audience was delighted’’

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Performance in Strasbourg - Wednesday 15 February

CWA performed our solo concert within the Strasbourg Mon Amor Festival event Wednesday 15 February at Saint Pierre le Vieux Church in the heart of Strasbourg to an audience of over 350. Our repertoire included ‘Beatles Love Songs’, West Side Story’, ‘Frozen’, ‘You Raise Me Up’, and ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Performance at the Council of Europe - Thursday 16 February

CWA performed at the Turkish and Syrian solidarity event held in the main building of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, marking the Council of Europe’s support for the people of Turkey and Syria following the devasting earthquakes.

The event began with speeches by the Turkish Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and Permanent Representative to the Council of Europe, Ms Nurdan BAYRAKTAR GOLDER, and the Deputy Permanent Representative Ms Esra DOGAN GRAJOVER, the Deputy Permanent Representative of Iceland: Mr Thorvardur THORSSON, the President of the COE Amicale - Denis HUBER, with brief messages from our host Peter Feltham (originally from Corsham), CWA Founder Sonia Blandford and 12 year old CWA member Eva Chebly (delivered in Arabic).

The dignitaries were joined by delegates from Turkey and Council of Europe staff (around 200) to listen to CWA perform ‘Uprising’, 'Frozen’, ‘You Raise Me Up’, ‘Beauty and the Beast' and ‘Wellerman’.

The permanent Representative of Iceland to the Council of Europe, Mr Thorvardur THORSSON described the event as ‘amazing.’

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Other information about the tour



We stayed at the CIARUS Youth Hostel right in the heart of downtown Strasbourg, a stone's throw from Schiltigheim.

The concert schedule and newspaper articles

Saint Valentine's Day Concert

Date: 14 February 2023

Venue: Salle des Fêtes de Reichstett (Alsace - France)

Time: 8 pm

Entrance: Free

Joint concert in collaboration with Schiltigheim Wind Orchestra (F) nd organised by the Town of Reichstett.

Saint Valentine's Concert

Date: 15 February 2023

Venue: Saint Pierre le Vieux Catholic Church, Strasbourg (Alsace - France)

Time: 8 pm

Entrance: Free - Collection in aid of the Church.

Organised in collaboration with Schiltigheim Wind Orchestra (F), the Saint Pierre le Vieux Catholic Church and Strasbourg Tourist Office. This concert is part of the "Strasbourg mon Amour" festival.

Solidarity Concert at the Council of Europe

Date: 16 February 2023

Venue: Council of Europe, Palais de l'Europe, Strasbourg (Alsace - France)

Time: 12.30 pm

Entrance: Free - Private concert for the staff and visitors of the Council of Europe.

This concert was organised in collaboration with the Amicale of the Council of Europe and held in solidarity with the victims of the recent devastating earthquakes in Turkey and neighbouring Syria. We kindly thank the Schiltigheim Wind Orchestra for the loan of instruments and musicians!